$257 500

There are those among us who dream of raising some goats, some chickens, of putting a horse or two into a green field, raising a barn, walking a pretty trail into the woods. And why not, those are modest and and wholly reasonable ambitions. 


It’s the money that normally holds up these plans. Land ain’t cheap, or if it is, the house that sits at the road is likely to be run-down and prone to eating up all the time you planned to be out there in your wellington boots lifting warm eggs every morning from the straw.


Well 1293 County Road One is an exception to that disappointing reality. It’s a well-priced, and well-renovated brick three-bedroom bungalow on 37 acres just outside Napanee. It has an attached double garage and some modest outbuildings. There are old fruit trees off to one side, and a couple of impressive fields back to the trees. The well report shows an impressive 30 gpm, so no one is going thirsty out here, not you or the animals.


No one has farmed this land for a long time, and perhaps you won’t either. Perhaps what you’re looking for is just a good place to hang your hat, somewhere away from the subdivisions, a place to stretch your legs. And we understand that impulse too. 


Either way, we reckon this listing might be just what you’ve been looking for, and invite you cordially to check out the tour, or the listing on realtor.ca.