$357 500

This really spacious Amherstview Cape Cod has been extensively renovated, and with its modern and stylish, light-filled spaces, it will be a very popular listing. We’ve liked it very much from the first moment we walked in the door. 


I’ve talked before about being transported, moved, by a house, and this instance I mean that almost literally. It is as if you could walk in the front door on Cambridge Crescent in Amherstview, and by the time you reach the pool out back you’ve made it to the blue coasts of Massachusetts. A day’s drive covered in a few dozen steps. 


I’ve been trying to figure out exactly how the house accomplishes such a feat. And I’ve decided it’s a bit of nature and a lot of nurture too. By that I mean first of all that the light down here by the lake is really marvellous, it’s crystalline and pure, more pure than it feels on the inland streets, if that makes any sense. And the pool helps to bounce the light around too, so that the waves seem almost projected onto the inside walls.You’re living inside a David Hockney painting, that’s what you’re doing. 


But the second part of this, the nurture part, is how the sellers have renovated and styled the house with eyes and ears so sympathetic to the setting that every impression is enhanced and elevated. It’s like listening to a favourite album through good headphones for the first time.


The floorplan is open and gracious. It speaks eloquently of the coast and of distant horizons, evenings spent with the windows open and the sense of salt on the lips. It incorporates a main-floor family room, wonderful kitchen, a gym, two gas fireplaces and one wood fireplace (you’re never cold! It sounds so obvious that you’d want to be warm but think on how often there are cold spots in a house). 


There is also a double garage and main-floor laundry, along with three second-floor bedrooms, two bathrooms, views over Lake Ontario and an in-ground pool that appears, from inside the house, to connect at its outer edge with the depths of Lake Ontario.


 It really is a bit of a dream. And the fact that it’s priced in the mid-300s only adds the feeling that you should give yourself a good pinch (and then immediately call your realtor).


The tour is here, and it's well worth a spin. And the realtor.ca listing is here.