$335 000

SOLD! This very pretty, understated brick home at 70 Quebec St was built in 1911. The neighbours on either side went up about the same time and in the same style. It’s a good little stretch, one of my favourites in the area. 


It’s bigger inside than it looks too, and contains a series of bright high-ceilinged spaces, like rooms in a gallery. As best I can determine, a summer kitchen was added to the rear in 1920. It was, it seems, pretty darned busy around here about a century ago. 


Quebec St, in case you’re not already living down here (and perhaps you should be)  runs east-west between Patrick St and Division, moving up the hill past the Catholic Church and skirting the Fruit Belt. It really is the shortest of walks to McBurney Park and the downtown core.  And on the way you’ll want to stop in at Friendship Park too. Or maybe you’ll head east instead, making for The Elm, and then the river. It’s in all these directions, and in this quite dense cluster of streets, that some mighty satisfying lives are made.


The master bedroom (and bath) is glorious and situated up in the spacious bright loft that you just don’t register is there when you’re out on the street, unless you spy the skylight. And I’d be be investigating whether a deck is possible at the southern end of that room, above the kitchen. The views up there of gnarled old plum and apple trees, amid the sweet wind-drifts of autumn, are worth the asking price alone. 


There are two more bedrooms on the main floor, along with living and dining rooms, and a second full bathroom. The very funky kitchen, where you’ll sit and congratulate each other for moving so smartly, gives onto the deck and pretty, private garden.




There hasn’t been much inventory this year, and that’s true city-wide, not just down here. And so we’re doubly pleased to be able to offer up such a fine spot. The tenants have been good enough to let us shoot the tour, which speaks volumes about the sorts of guardians they’ve been (check it out here, there are floorplans and 360 degree camera rides to be had), and they’ll be in the house until spring. But opportunities like this are far from commonplace, and there’s no reason you can’t buy the house now. Call us and we’ll tell you more.


The realtor.ca listing is here.