$205 000

A detached two-bedroom downtown bungalow with parking and a pretty yard. That's a rarity in its own right. Add some pine floors and a renovated bathroom. Then picture high ceilings and a spacious set of rooms, a smart floorplan.


How about a large master bedroom at the rear of the house overlooking the garden? Situate the house three blocks from Skeleton Park and opposite the Mulberry Waldorf school. Down the street from The Elm Cafe. If it was mine. I’d polish those floors and install a new and shiny kitchen. I’d drywall the stippled ceilings and insert some LCD potlights. They’re all the rage but I understand why.


I’d paint the whole place a brilliant gallery white and put some wonderful local art on the walls. I’d throw open the windows and doors and invite the neighbours in. I’d chill some wine in the fridge and turn up the stereo just a bit. And then I’d relax. I’d wander among my new friends, marvelling at our collective good fortune, at the fact that we were well-housed, and well-fed, that we were safe within these walls and in this neighbourhood. That while the wind raged threateningly elsewhere I had come to rest in a good place. That I was safe, and I was happy.


You really shouldn't be able to attach that sort of a description to a house at this price, or suggest that such a life is possible merely through the acquisition of a little stone house. But it’s reasonably priced property in an unreasonable time, and it really is charming. We like it very much, and think there's a good chance you will too.


The virtual tour is here. And the realtor.ca listing is here.