$425 000

SOLD! 167 Bagot St is located south of Princess between Earl and William on the east side. It’s one of a short row of red-brick townhomes. Step out the front door and look left, you’ll spot City Park at the end of the road. To the right you’ve got the library and, not far beyond it, the downtown core. 


So it’s got location going for it. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better address, in fact, if being at the heart of things is what you’re after. And being on the south-side, and priced in the low 400s, makes this the rarest of offerings. It’s the sort of property you thought you’d not likely see again, the three-bed one-bath version of a Great Auk.


It’s a pretty house too, a series of high-ceilinged rooms full of light, and fresh white walls. The sensation is of walking into a gallery space, and we considered putting local art up on the walls, hosting a wine and cheese. But the thought of bringing hammer and nail close to these unblemished surfaces seemed not respectful at all, and so we took a step back, literally, and left them alone. You’ll be glad we did.


The floors are pine and some 127 years old. They’ve taken on that honeyed patina you just can’t fake, however intense your chemistry degree, and the living and dining room are joined into one fine space. You stand at the front window and you can see right through the kitchen and out the sweet stone patio, with its gas hook-up for the barbecue you’ll want to install along the side fence. And the kitchen has those tiles that look like the polished terracotta flagstones you have in your Mediterranean pied-a-terre (you have one of those, don’t you?). It’s a good life you can walk right into, that’s what we’re saying.


I should mention that there is parking - two spots, in fact - and if you don’t need both of them you should probably rent out the other. 


And check out the virtual tour too, because, well, it’s lovely in there, and that’s the best way to experience the house, short of calling us for a personal viewing. But you should also take a look because I’m still impressed by iGuide. I like that you can pull a tape measure from any one spot to any other, figure out where the couch goes, and how many steps it is to the shelf with the scotch on it. And that you can peer up and down and left and right, really have a good look at what’s on offer.


The more prosaic details, for the old-school types among you, are right here, on