$357 500

I’ve known that 66 Regent was coming to the market for quite a long time now. Standing at its big front window I’ve watched the seasons change across the street in lovely Churchill Park. All the deciduous greens have gone gold and then given up the ghost altogether. The flowers lost their heads but then came around again after the winter, all grown up with brand new and glamorous haircuts. And now, as September spreads its cool wings, the circle begins again.


I’ve seen the sellers complete a long house hunt, and I’ve watched them slowly empty this one. They’ve replaced almost all of the windows in recent months, and repainted the house too, because they wanted to leave something special behind, a place you (because it’s your turn now) might be glad to call home.


And so the sign is on the lawn with our names on it (a fact of my life that always seems so damned odd), and the showings will begin any minute. On the weekend we’ll run an open house, and then one day soon, a sold sign will show up, and the chance to own this sweet home will be gone for all but one of us.


Okay, enough, you say. What, you ask, is going on there? Just give us some details instead of all this slo-mo, florid nonsense (have I mentioned that you sound a lot like my literary agent, when you talk that way?).


Well, fine. 


66 Regent St is a one-and-a-half storey detached brick home with parking and a garage, a nice  fenced garden and an old cedar deck that will have you convinced you’re still at the cottage. Inside, most of the rooms have oak strip flooring worn to a lovely shade reminiscent of summer hay. The kitchen opens onto the dining room, which makes things easy at the end of the day when you’re all in one place. And the fireplace is purely decorative, which your insurance company will love. There is also a two-piece bathroom on the ground floor, which isn’t always the case in this style of home and makes a big difference to the way you live in the space and how right it feels.


There are three good bedrooms up, and the main bath, which maybe you’ll renovate - I probably would - but when it’s pretty much all that's left to do, I don’t think anyone’s going to resent that much work. There’s a nice big finished room in the basement that the seller has used to hide away with good music and good wine. But the way I see it, the next owners may well see this as a fourth bedroom, particularly if investment is the driving force.


The appliances, including a very recent washer and dryer, will stay behind too, and that means you’ve got a turn-key proposition here, if that one-stop shopping experience is important to you.


We ordered a virtual tour, from which these instructive photos are pulled, and the link to the full, immersive experience is right here. (Who needs Wonderland when you’ve got iGuide?)


Realtor.ca will receive notice of the listing any minute too, and will post the details right here.


That’s it, I think. See you soon. Maybe even at the open house.