4 Crerar Blvd - $349,900

The Essentials

A three-bedroom home detached in wonderful Reddendale. A woodstove, a waterproofed basement, a deck and a garage. You’re also close to the lake and the express bus downtown; to the west end shops, the wilds of Lemoines Point, and the airport.

The Big Picture

Crerar Park spreads out, not much bigger than a picnic blanket, at the southern end of the Boulevard. A crescent of grey stone beach. A few steel swings at rest.  Some pale grass stretched over the earth. Views over placid dark water to the fancy waterfront homes of Point Pleasant. And beyond those to the distant western tip of Simcoe Island. Fossils and bright pebbles of beach glass at your feet if you’re prepared to poke around a bit. I like it a lot. Will pull off the road if I’m out that way and kick around for a few minutes.

If I moved in at 4 Crerar, our new listing up near the top of the road (I mean Boulevard!), I know I’d wander down to the lake most days. Come hell or high water, as my dad would say. It would become my constitutional, my routine. A time lapse camera running into the future would show me becoming more hunched with every year, I expect, and inevitably slower too. A knee occasionally buckling me into something approximating a paper clip. On the upside, I suppose the walk would shorten as climate change took hold, raising the temperature and the shoreline.

Christ, what a dreary way this is to introduce such a bright and reasonably priced home. I should be ashamed of myself (and am sometimes). 

But listen. Have you seen the money being asked for lots down near the water? More than the price of this smart little house! It still surprises me, however often I see one of them pop up on the real estate hotsheet for 400 grand or more, and it also worries me to some extent. My Facebook page is full some mornings of aggrieved chatter about the cost of housing, the low vacancy rate, the futility of even modest aspirations, and I understand why.

Image 2019-05-29 at 8.14 PM.jpg

Which is why we’re pleased to present to you this smart three-bedroom two-storey home with its redone floors and its big windows. Its woodstove and its back deck. Its kitchen with its stone counters and big old country sink. Its waterproofed basement that’s already had drywall installed and a subfloor laid down. Its elevated back deck like a stage for your open mic nights, and its big garage. The really wicked tree on the front lawn.

Its price tag ($375,000) is one you just won’t see attached much anymore to a place with these assets and this address. The pictures are down below but there’s a whole world to explore at the virtual tour, with its maps and its colour-coded floor plans.

And here’s the Realtor.ca listing for those not interested in my moping about all the time, head down and bobbing slightly, like some new wave nostalgist.

The Gallery

A Reminder Of Who We Are

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