564 Division St - $1800

 The Main Floor.

564 Division St is a house we’d be pleased to live in ourselves. Thrilled, in fact. I think once you’ve taken a look at the pictures you’ll understand our enthusiasm. This is not an average sort of place. When we bought it the first thing we did was take our kids over for a look around. We were proud of the house, pleased with the idea of providing a top-notch home for someone at a reasonable rent.

 We like all the light. People should live brightly. That front door is mostly glass and that’s a fabulous start. It gives immediately onto a long, really pretty kitchen, which is unusual, I suppose, but is another of the details that drew us to the house. You’re not isolated in some dim, steamy room at the back of the house while you make dinner, and guests are invited right away into the heart of the action. There’s another huge window over the sink and the feeling in there is of being on holiday somewhere. I mean that. This really is a place you’d head for in order to get away for a bit from the daily grind.

The big, high-ceilinged living and dining rooms have immaculate maple floors and a chandelier to help you situate your table. The paint is as decadent as fresh cream and we’ve had a damn good look and can’t think of a thing you’ll need to do.

The three bedrooms are at the back of the house and they’re all brilliant, with closets and the same good floors, the same attention to detail. The bathroom? Well take a look. The sink is surely lifted from some splendid hotel and the bathtub is ringed with smart fresh subway tile. It’s nicer than ours at home, it really is.

The garden has a low limestone cliff at the back (a tall wall, let’s call it) rather than a neighbour staring in. It’s nice out there. I could study that stone, and the way the flora clings to its face, for hours. I’d scan for fossils and call it a new hobby rather than a personal problem.

There’s parking for you, and a garage we haven’t decided about yet. We can talk about it.

There’s a bus stop at the end of the driveway, if that’s how you like to get around. And I think it would take you about 20 minutes to walk downtown. You’re just up the road from Regi, and the new high school being built in Kingscourt is going to be a fifteen-minute stroll.

 Below you, it’s important to note, is the one-bedroom apartment we’ll also be renting. It’s described below and we’ll be working hard to get a wonderful tenant for that place too. You’ll like each other, we’re sure of it. You can share the laundry that we’re installing.

I hope I’ve given a good impression of the apartment. It deserves good words. It also deserves good tenants like you. So if you’re looking for something special starting September One, drop us a line, tell us a bit about yourselves. We’ll start showings in the next few days and hope to make a decision shortly after that.

The Lower Level

Accessed by s separate side entrance, is a really sweet and very spacious one-bedroom spot that we’ll rent for $1000 per month including all utilities. The ceilings are high here and studded with pot lights. The walls and floors don’t have a mark on them. There’s a good bathroom with a shower (but no tub), a large living room/dining room, and a straightforward kitchen at the back of the apt. You’ll share laundry facilities with your upstairs neighbour, and you’ve got a parking spot too. If you’re not driving, there’s that bus stop right at the end of the driveway that will speed you east or west. We like the place very much and hope you will too. If it seems to fit the bill then drop us a line and tell us a bit about yourself. We hope to have some showings this weekend and to have the place all shined up for September One. Cheers.

Cheers and thanks for listening.

The Main Floor 3-Bedroom:

The Lower Level One-Bed Apt: