Getting The Help We Need

We’ve been moving things around. Desks and chairs, filing cabinets and a little grey fridge stocked usually with cans of Perrier and, if I’m feeling flush, a few jars of some probably useless kombucha too. Pictures are being reassigned and books piled against the wall. I even sold my floating top mid-century teak desk (and haven’t quite recovered yet) The office that has until now only had to accommodate the two of us is being rearranged so we can fit in an assistant as well.

Kim starts on Monday. We’re excited about that (and yup, a bit freaked out too). Kim’s arrival means we can be more efficient in how we process listings and how immediately the phone is answered and queries are responded to (and yes, I like the preposition hanging out there at the end of the sentence). It also means, we hope, that we won’t be in here doing paperwork until eight or nine most nights from about now until it slows a bit in mid-summer. And that freedom means that we can concentrate on you, and what you might need, or might want to see tonight after work. We’ll also see more of our families, and get to the gym a bit, smile more. There are all sorts of reasons this is a good idea.

But growth is nerve-wracking too. Finding the cash to make this happen is not something we take lightly. And sharing the space (you have some idea, maybe, of how much we swear when no one is listening). And being decent people to work for. Creating a job that’s rewarding. 

We’ve had a lot on our mind, in other words. I catch sight of myself in the mirror, and note that I’ve aged and don’t like that very much. But we’re ready for this, we really are, it’s time. And about the only thing we’d wish for now is that some more good people might decide to give us a call in the coming weeks and say, It’s time for me too; I need to sell this house, or, Let’s find me a place this year. We’d like that a lot. And you’ll have our full attention for as long as it takes. We’ve made sure of that.