On Liking The Work


I’m speechless, more or less. And I don’t really want to add many of my own words. It’s enough to say that when Cheri and I pulled open the envelope left in our office mailbox and found the above drawing inside, it made everything that went before it last week, both good and bad, just sort of fade away, like a fog burning off a brilliant blue sea, or lifting from a perfectly green hill to reveal a wealth of ancient trees lined up sharply before us.

It brings the important things sharply into focus, that’s what I’m saying in my usual roundabout way. Its a fabulous drawing (you see how most of the letters are also little homes?) that reminds us that the job isn’t really about selling houses at all. We don’t think of ourselves as sales reps, not ever. We just do our best to put people and places together. 

Anne and her son Oscar let us help. We’re really grateful for that. And now that they’ve moved in and clearly like their new home, we’re doubly pleased.

Cheers to them. And thanks a million.