In The Pipeline

Just north of Harrowsmith one sunny morning …

Just north of Harrowsmith one sunny morning …

The spring is usually our busiest season, but not this year. Things started more slowly than normal and I wondered if we’d ever recover to our normal level. I fretted, in fact. And paced. But the last six weeks have been the busiest of our year, and there is no sign of things slowing down. We have three new listings coming this week.

The first is a townhouse right downtown on Sydenham St. Two bedrooms, a courtyard, parking at the rear. It’s a cottage, is what it is, and a pretty one at that, with patio doors at the back and a galley kitchen. Photos are being shot on Monday morning. We’ll list Tuesday or Wednesday. Watch this space, as they say.

The second is a much bigger property, a 2.5 storey red-brick home on York St. The top floor has been converted into a master suite with shower and fireplace, mad angles like something out of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari. Remember that one? The German horror film from 1920. Of course you don’t, no reason you should. But it’s left marks on me, obviously. It’s a wonderful spot, with Airbnb potential at the back.

And thirdly we’ll have an elevated bungalow up just north of Harrowsmith sitting on four acres. Finished well on two levels, with decks and views. A place for when the bustle bother you.

Call us for more details. Or if you already have a realtor, get them to call. Or just tune in again for the reveals.