Coming Soon

We’ll be listing plenty of properties in the coming weeks. Which is exciting, and also a relief after these lean weeks to begin the year.

Royal LePage doesn’t believe in, or allow, the “Coming Soon” signs so popular these days, and no denying it’s hard to watch your competitors plant their intentions in frozen lawns days and weeks ahead of the start date. Even harder is watching some of these sell before that listing date even arrives. I’ve written before about my feelings on this front (you can catch up here) and on the balance of things, I’m happy with Royal LePage’s stance. A seller’s best interests are served by exposing a property properly to the market. In my humble opinion, those signs tend to boost the realtor’s earnings rather than the seller’s.

And there I go again. That old horse. My point is just to say that we do in fact have properties coming to market.

We’ll be listing a marvelous Century brick townhome in downtown Kingston on February 28th, for example. A lovely level of renovations in this one, with plenty of granite, and light streaming in through the skylights. It’s a two-bedroom pad with loads of character, along with a lovely deck and parking out behind, and even a finished basement. We expect it will garner plenty of attention and we’ll make sure you have time to view it before any offers are reviewed the following week. The price will be just under $500,000. A comprehensive description, along with all the glammy photos will appear early on the morning of the 28th.

We have a couple of spots on Raglan Rd coming too. One down near Rideau St and likely another up the hill a bit, a stone’s throw from McBurney Park. One is detached, the other is a rowhouse; both are priced under $400,000.

Just outside the downtown core is a lovely bungalow with finished basement in Hillendale, across Portsmouth Avenue from Grenville Park. This one will list just under $300,000. The date isn’t set yet, but we expect it will be within the next two or three weeks.

There are others – on Wolfe Island, and in the Fruit Belt, also a marvelous bungalow on acreage in the country. Those are the first that come to mind. We’re still organizing those, or trying to find something lovely for the sellers to move into. 

There are plenty more. Some will appear - most of them, I’d wager - and some, because that’s how it works, will just sort of fizzle away disappointingly, like a failed firework.

And so it begins again. The 2019 version of real estate. Which means, we think, something reasonably similar to the 2018 version, with low inventory again and high demand. We’d love to see a little more balance in the market, but presently sellers have the upper hand. It’s a great time to list a property, in other words. And if you’re buying, it makes good sense to find yourselves a good realtor. That would be our best advice. It doesn’t have to be be us (although we’d sure like it if it was), but make sure you team up with someone who knows and understands the market.