I’ve been worried this year by all the vacant storefronts in the downtown core (haven’t we all?), so it’s nice to see some new businesses moving in. Sally’s Roti Shop will open soon on Wellington St, between Princess and Queen...

I was driving home a little while ago from an open house (I’m a real estate agent, remember) that was neither particularly encouraging nor completely dismal. Run of the mill, I suppose describes it, and it was held under skies hammered from blistery steel and a little cobalt. A hard and slightly brittle-seeming October day, then.


$334 900

NEW PRICE. I must admit that I am taken nearly as much with what is behind this house, as with the careful transformation the house itself has undergone in the last two years. Because behind the back fence is the lovely St. John’s Catholic church. I’ll never have reason to step inside, I don’t suppose...


$292 500

It’s not that I find the front of this new listing unattractive – far from it, I actually think the house is adorable – but I’ve chosen to show you its back-side above because I think it tells you more about the house. That’s true in a literal sense, of course, in that you get a glimpse of the old block garage, and the blossom trees, and the pretty yard.


$164 900

I live on Charles St. I’ve said that before. I’ve said also that I like it here. And that I’m not looking to move. The house is great, and so are the neighbours. I’m three minutes from the water, and a really easy fifteen minute walk from the downtown core. And so it’s not surprising that I think this new listing at 145 Charles St is one you might want have a look at.

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