In a story in Saturday’s Whig-Standard (here it is), Mayor Mark Gerretsen offers some thoughts and opinions regarding the apparently imminent demolition of the very lovely Bailey Broom factory building. Well I have a few thoughts on his thoughts.

A lot of the music made in the U.K. in the late 1970s and early 1980s is more important to me today, looking back, than the friends I had then – David Treacher and Neil Saint and Martin Robinson and Zoe Thomas.


$164 900

I live on Charles St. I’ve said that before. I’ve said also that I like it here. And that I’m not looking to move. The house is great, and so are the neighbours. I’m three minutes from the water, and a really easy fifteen minute walk from the downtown core. And so it’s not surprising that I think this new listing at 145 Charles St is one you might want have a look at.


I saw the post-punk band Interpol at the Horseshoe Tavern about a dozen years ago. Sam and I had no kids and not many responsibilities, either. We saw two or three movies a week and a band or two as well. Interpol put on a great show, I remember. And though I'm not a guy who spends any time at all at the merchandise table I did come away from that gig with a sleeveless T-shirt ...

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