Here’s a quick way to keep up-to-date with my listings. All of them are briefly noted, and there’s a link to the Realtor.ca write-ups, more photos and so on. I’ll write more about all of them in time. But it’s busy out there and these deserve your attention.

VW logo

I drive a 2010 Volkwagen CC. I bought it last year, and mostly I like the car, even love it some days, though I’m not really a car guy. It sits low to the ground and the tires are about three feet wide. It accelerates in a forceful but not showy way...


$749 000

NEW LISTING. There are two ways for me to approach this new and wonderful listing at 9 Kennedy St in Portsmouth Village. I can write volumes, inundate you in the best sort of way with its colourful history and all the details of its painstaking renovation. Or I can implore you, as is the fashion these days: Look at this. Just look at it.


Damn it, I’ve decided that I've got do something to compete with all the special offers out there. The free trips to Vegas. The I’ll buy your house if I can’t sell it gambit. The reno rebates. Take a spin, if you will, through the real estate pages, and you’ll see that it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there in Realtorland right now. The incentives are huge.

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