Here’s a quick way to keep up-to-date with my listings. All of them are briefly noted, and there’s a link to the Realtor.ca write-ups, more photos and so on. I’ll write more about all of them in time. But it’s busy out there and these deserve your attention.

I have lots of memories of being a kid growing up in Blackbird Leys in the 1970s, on the outskirts of Oxford, lots of them marvelous, some of them comic, and several that I’d rather forget because they were just unpleasant, or vaguely criminal...


$269 900

NEW LISTING. An interesting pretty house, this one at 99 Chatham St. With its elegant red and white exterior colour scheme, its gleaming metal roof and picket fence, it’s like something from a movie poster.


Michele Pred

May I just say that getting kids probably not old enough to conceive a child, or to form particularly complex arguments on the matter of personal choice, to stand at various traffic intersections this week and act as slumping, mobile easels against which you lean enormous pictures of aborted fetuses, is among the most most despicable and hateful things I can remember seeing on Kingston’s streets.


$232 500

New Price.This pretty and very bright three-bedroom two-bathroom mid-town condominium is located on the quiet interior courtyard of this popular complex. Spacious kitchen, sliding doors from the living room out to an interlocking stone patio...


$249 900

SOLD. This is quite simply the prettiest little bungalow I’ve seen in a while. The feeling when you walk through the door is of having entered an expensive cottage one might rent near a white-sand beach. It feels somehow as if life will improve inside these four walls. You think I’m kidding...

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