I sat at the end of a road I don’t know very well, north of Bath, at least I imagine I was near the end (a long train was chugging past and obscuring all things west). An old man, handsome and keen, nodded, pushed a deposit cheque across his dining table like a promise ...

The night I flew to Canada from England, in April 1980, there was a fierce storm over New York State. The plane I was in – it was upholstered in tan vinyl and it was very tired - bucked and twisted and moaned (I’ve never experienced anything like it since), and yet I wasn’t scared. I don’t remember anyway being frightened. A new life awaited me...


$749 000

There are two ways for me to approach this new and wonderful listing at 9 Kennedy St in Portsmouth Village. I can write volumes, inundate you in the best sort of way with its colourful history and all the details of its painstaking renovation. Or I can implore you, as is the fashion these days: Look at this. Just look at it.


$284 900

NEW LISTING. When I bought my house on Charles St, nearly eleven years ago, it was not a popular address. Anything north of Raglan Rd was seen by some as a sort of wild frontier. And even now, with the area known as the fruit belt proving one of the most popular in the city...

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