tentree cap and scruff

I  ran into a friend and sometime client on Princess St. “You look spectacularly un-real-estate-y,” she told me. She was beaming. I had just ducked out of the office to buy a sandwich. I hadn’t thought much about what I was wearing. I had no meetings that day.

working out with mini trump

I headed to the gym. It was that or venture deeper into the newspaper, rank this morning with Trump’s loathsome assertions that Mexico will repay the U.S. for the wall he’s going to build. Every day it’s another obscenity, or another lie, some fourth-rate misdirection.


$685 000

SOLD! This marvelous home is located on over two acres in lovely Maple Hill Estates, which is just north of Kingston off Sunbury Rd. It’s a pleasant drive and you can head out there on either Battersea Rd or Highway 15, so if you happen to work in Kingston you’ve got choices and there’s nothing wrong with choices.

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